Andreina Gómez


I seek to capture real life moments through audiovisual language, portraying the emotional essence of the diverse human experience. The Social research backing my documentary films gives meaning and passion to my life. I have found a way to express my love for humanity through the cinematographic arts, since it has allowed me to give a voice to the voiceless people of the world. Culture is a confortable and warm space where I discovered my artistic calling.

My goal is to achieve a genuine, transgressive, pragmatic authorial gaze through the language of visual anthropology, in my film scripts and productions.

For me, documentary films are the greatest source of expression for the deepest joys of a variety of cultural practices; but also for the frustration and anxiety about the cultural diversity danger of extinction. This is the reason why I develop and produce my films about the beautiful yet raw stories of my Latin American people.


In different moments of my life I have had the privilege to work as a producer and adviser with distinguished Venezuelan film directors.


My works and projects are high quality cinematographic and TV productions. My audiovisual contents are the result of years of ethnographic research.